Customized Facility and Knowledgeable Staff

With over 25 years of experience in rehabilitation and water therapy, we fully understand the differences and application of swimming versus aquatreding as well as the benefits of the cold salt water spa. One is not better than the other, but it is important to understand each therapy as well as how and when to apply them.

KESMARC sets up all controlled exercise equipment with the safety of the horse as the priority. All equipment is customized for this facility with twenty-five years of knowledge put to use. Our staff has handled more horses in water therapies and has done more hyperbarics than any facility in the world!

We have extensive experience with many disciplines and breeds. At KESMARC we understand the importance of details. We know that it is not just the physical aspects of equine athletes that need care but also their mental health and happiness.


Services We Provide


Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is an adjunct therapy that delivers oxygen under increased pressure, improving the results achieved by traditional medicine in a safe and non-invasive manner. It is a non-invasive modality that helps to improve healing and recovery through saturating the cells in the body with oxygen. It can be used to treat acute injuries and infections, enhance healing with more chronic conditions, as well as help with recovery and prep for major competitions and events.

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Swimming Pool

Our circular swimming pool is the safest design in the industry. A great aerobic workout, swimming gives full body conditioning with no concussion. It enhances range of motion and increases circulation, thus helping to stimulate healing and reduce inflammation. Swimming is also a great way to keep horses fit during training and as a preconditioning program after a layoff.



Our in-ground, custom Aquatred is the safest system available. The Aquatred gives a full body workout while utilizing the same muscles used above ground, but with the added benefits of buoyancy to reduce some concussion as well as water resistance to create a more rigorous workout. It’s perfect for rehabilitation and conditioning.





Indoor Jogging Surface

Our 570 foot synthetic track is a mix of sand and synthetic footing. This helps to reduce dust and provide the right amount of impact allowing us to increase loading without causing a re-injury with too much of a hard surface. This indoor track enables controlled exercise as the horse increases loading and prepares to return to full work.


Thera-Plate Platform

Our vibrating platform is set safely in the ground with padded sides. Adapted from technology developed by space programs, whole body vibration is proven to promote hoof growth, enhance circulation, and strengthen bones. Vibrations are transmitted to the horse through simply standing on the platform, allowing for a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment.


Cold Saltwater Spa

The in-ground cold saltwater spa was designed by KESMARC Kentucky and is the safest system of its kind. Utilizing saltwater maintained at 34˚F, this treatment rapidly reduces swelling and inflammation in the limbs, inhibits degenerative enzyme production that could further damage soft tissue, provides an analgesic effect, and increases circulation. This therapy has been utilized effectively for horses in recovery after workouts, for cases such as cellulitis and laminitis, among many other applications.



The Flexineb is a great tool for horses with airway issues. It is a non invasive way to treat conditions such as allergies, airway inflammation and irritation, as well as preparation and recovery for throat surgeries. It works by aerosolizing medications which allows for quick and direct delivery of each individual drug. Some examples of medications we have used successfully include silver (an natural antimicrobial), bronchodilators, corticosteroids, inhalers, and antibiotics. We work closely with your vet to determine which would be the best medication to use to benefit your horse the most. We also have access to a top respiratory specialist that can help to create a custom plan for your horse if needed.



KESMARC has both a Bemer blanket as well as a leg wrap. The Bemer is a wireless and safe non invasive way to help stimulate the small blood vessels which promote microcirculation. This can help to decrease healing time on some injuries. The increased microcirculation supports regeneration and helps to promote relaxation after exertion.


Dr. Robert E Holland DVM, PSC

Veterinary Consultant

Dr. Holland is a respiratory and contagious disease expert known around the world as the vet to call when you aren't sure what else to try. He has been instrumental in helping us with many cases and has worked with each horse's vet and their owner to get the best result and get the horse back to top form. He studied at Mississippi State College and had the unique opportunity to perform endoscopic exams on hundreds of horses at the racetrack giving him an in depth knowledge of the throat.. He is an avid proponent of taking the extra time to test what diseases are sensitive to in order to pick the most effective medication.