Under Tack

There comes a point in the healing process with some horses, where controlled loading is very important.

As a horse strengthens and heals, putting a good rider up is the next step to getting back to competition. Our rider, Wendy, is one of the most experienced professional riders with a gift for knowing exactly how to feel what the horse is doing. From grade one stakes winners to Olympic level jumpers, grand prix dressage horses and a two year old fresh from the race track, her expertise has no barriers. The confidence she builds in horses after injury is another part that sets KESMARC apart.

Under Tack 1.JPG
Under Tack option.JPG

We will work with your vet to develop a work plan. Wendy is particularly skilled at easing a horse back into work at a rate suited to each horse’s ability. She is also great at communicating with the vet about how each horse feels under tack. These are some of the most common under tack services:

  • Walk

  • Trot

  • Canter

  • Lead changes

  • Teaching to use hind end more effectively

  • Leg yields

Wendy is great at instilling a level of confidence with their return from injury and can work with almost any other skills in any discipline your horse may have or may need to build on that can be accomplished on our track.