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Horses as Athletes: Rehabilitation & Therapy

Watch KESMARC owner Kirsten Johnson discuss rehabilitation of the equine athlete and offer do-it-yourself alternatives to some simple treatments at home.

Posted July 2017

In Depth: Behind The Scenes At KESMARC Equine Physical Rehab

The KESMARC world-renowned equine physical rehabilitation center has pioneered many groundbreaking therapies for horses.  WUKY equine journalist Samantha Lederman paid the center a visit and sat down with owner and founder Kirsten Johnson.

Posted Jun 30, 2016



Cosequin Presents Aftercare Spotlight: Puerto Rico’s Equine Recovery In Transition

Since the hurricane hit the island, the CTA has helped to return seven horses in need of retirement back to American soil. Organizations like The Exceller Fund, Old Friends, ReRun, Horse Rescue Aiken and a number of others have offered to take in horses they bred or once owned. Other farms, including Machmer Hall, KESMARC, Stone Ridge Farm and Lorraine Horse Transport's layover farm have stepped up to stable and care for horses temporarily until they can complete their journey to their final destination.

Richard's Boy's new connections send him for 'a nice rest'

“He came out of the race sound in wind and body with the exception of the abrasion from being stepped on, or grabbed, causing the cut on the ankle,” Brewster said.

Richard’s Boy was sent to Kesmarc, a renowned equine physical rehabilitation center in Versailles, Ky., to recuperate.

Posted May 25, 2019

No Disguising Affection in Case of Green Mask

A small, delayed infection developed in Green Mask's healing leg—not uncommon in the recovery process from fusion surgery. It meant a trip to the Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center near Versailles, where treatment of the infection, led by Dr. Robert Holland, included use of a hyperbaric chamber.

Posted April 27, 2018