Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center

Committed to Exceptional Results


Top equine athletes from all disciplines benefit from their stay at KESMARC. Whether your horse is here for an injury, athletic recovery or conditioning; our unique facility allows us to work with you and your vet to make a plan for each individual horse for an optimum outcome. The team approach and access to top hospitals, veterinarians, and ferriers allows us an exclusive opportunity. Our number one goal is your horse’s success.



KESMARC KY is a pioneer in equine rehabilitation and a world leader in equine hyperbaric medicine. Our position is always to preserve and move forward for the betterment of the horse with the most advanced modalities and technologies available. Providing a unique professional experience is our goal at KESMARC KY.

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Customized Care

KESMARC Kentucky is the finest and most complete equine therapy center in the world. From Breeder’s Cup winners to Grand Prix level horses, we have provided care to the top equine athletes in every discipline for over 20 years. Horses sidelined by injury, surgery, or those simply in need of a break can come back to athletic form through our program of controlled exercise. We work with your veterinarian to put together rehabilitation programs for each equine athlete.

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