KESMARC Kentucky is the finest and most complete equine therapy and rehabilitation center in the world. Our team understands equine husbandry at the highest level and we provide high-end care to each horses that stays with us. From Breeder’s Cup winners and Grand Prix level horses to champion Saddlebreds, Standardbreds, and Quarter Horses among many other breeds and disciplines, we have provided care to the top equine athletes in every discipline for over 20 years. Horses sidelined by injury, surgery, or those simply in need of a break or recovery from a strenuous event can come back to top athletic form through our program of controlled exercise and therapies. We work with your veterinarian to put together rehabilitation programs for each equine athlete.

Our individualized programs can benefit all horses including:

  • Sidelined with an injury

  • Athletic recovery

  • Conditioning before return to training or competition

  • Prehabilitation to prevent injury

  • Post-surgical care

Dedicated Team

Each person at KESMARC from management to maintenance staff is dedicated to the well-being of your equine athlete. We understand each horse as an individual, and we adapt to provide the optimal conditions for it’s mind and body. It's important to have the entire story of every horse in the barn as the more information we receive (even if not in vet records) the better we can formulate a plan for the individual horse.


Because there is very little turnover in our staff, we are constantly building off of our experience dealing with top equine athletes of all disciplines. Our staff has an average of 10 years' experience in equine rehabilitation at our facility, with an accumulative of over 100 years' experience. Visitors often comment on their complete horsemanship and intuitive response to the nature of each individual equine.

What sets KESMARC apart

Our dedicated study of the equine athlete and efforts to bring them back to their highest level of work through rehabilitation or conditioning sets us apart from other facilites. It has been our only purpose and passion for the last 20 years. It has been our only purpose and passion for the last 20 years and has made KESMARC the gold standard of care in hyperbarics, equine rehab and therapy. We set the best protocols in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and have done over 20,000 treatments. Every therapeutic modality at KESMARC is custom built and tested for safety first instead of convenience of space in a building. This is why all of our water therapy is built in-ground. The staff at KESMARC has safely put more horses in water therapies than any facility in the world.

Every horse at KESMARC is under the care of a veterinarian. It's our job to preserve the veterinarian's work and to help be their eyes and ears while your equine athlete is healing. We welcome every veterinarian, owner, and farrier. We keep our team can come with your horse or we will help you to put a team together.

We are always delving into the understanding of new technologies to help us not just heal the horse, but keep them from injury in the first place. We keep up to date with our understanding of new vet technologies and often work hand-in-hand with vets who are developing new treatments.

Strategic Location

Lexington, Kentucky is home to the top equine hospitals, veterinary specialists, therapists, and state-of-the-art diagnostics in the world. Our strategic location allows us to easily tap into these resources to give you outstanding results at a cost-effective price.

We are located minutes from Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport, Keeneland Racetrack, and the Kentucky Horse Park. This provides ease of access for you and your horse, whether shipping by truck or air.

Custom packages available. Credit cards accepted.